For International Customers: In order to better facilitate your order, please email us at [email protected] and we can arrange to invoice you via PayPal. We often ship to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However; other countries are more challenging, due to different Customs requirements.

Welcome to GPK Company! We are all about “Gold Processing Kilns”, hence, GPK. GPK Company, LLC was founded in 2000, upon the development of a method of smelting gold in a microwave. Patrick Moulton is the designer and builder of our kilns, while Caren Seabeneck does the marketing, packing, shipping, bookkeeping… well, we do it all. Patrick has been involved in mining most of his life, therefore, his ideas tend to cater to prospectors and prospecting. After enjoying three years of microwave smelting kiln kit sales, it was time to move forward with new ideas. The winter of 2013 was spent developing our newest product, the propane fired GPK Kwik Kiln, which is now trademarked. Patrick originally designed it in order to cupel the lead prill obtained from doing a fire assay inside the microwave kiln. He also had to develop an instructional method of fire assaying with our microwave kiln. A book sprang from this process: A Practical Guide to Modern Alchemy - The Art of the Microwave Fire Assay. As we began compiling a Microwave Fire Assay Kit, the melting capabilities of the Kwik Kiln became so apparent and desirable, that the fire assay kit got put on the shelf for a while. Since debuting it in early 2014, over 7000 have been sold to happy customers like you. Turns out, it is so quick and easy, it is almost too much fun to be a mere tool! Annually, due to customer demand, a larger Kwik Kiln has been painstakingly developed and put to market. KK6 (Kwik Kiln 6"), KK8 (Kwik Kiln 8") and our newest and biggest, the KK-12 are now available.

We try to provide complete instructional information and videos on our products on our website. However, there are many variables with precious metals and ores, so, feel free to call with questions. We will do our best to help make using these kilns fun and easy for you, whether you are smelting your ore concentrates, fire assaying, cupelling, or melting pure metals or old jewelry, or making jewelry.

We thank you for your interest in our products. It is our greatest pleasure to be able to provide novel and innovative methods of processing precious metals. Stay tuned for more upcoming Gold Processing Kilns that will be likewise expertly designed and priced affordably. 

Your Gold Processing Kilns Team