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Liner Maintenance Kit small

Part Number LMKsm
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Liner Maintenance Kit small
Liner Maintenance Kit small
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For use with your GPK Kwik Kiln & KK-6. Three special formulations are included in the Liner Maintenance Kit, along with calcified bone ash, for optimizing and extending the life of your refractory kiln: Liner Restore, Armor Coat and Spill Stop.
Liner Restore is an alumina silicate based viscous material that is designed for filling cracks and patching any damage to the liner. This material is tough and stable when applied properly to the liner and helps to strengthen and armor the liner as well. 2 oz jar
Armor Coat is a high alumina material with the consistency of thick paint and is applied over the top of the Liner Restore, after repairing the liner. The high alumina formulation of Armor Coat helps resist liner erosion from the heat generated in the kiln and helps to shield the liner from any borax flux dusting from the crucible and minor flux spills. This material is painted onto the liner in thin coats and allowed to air dry between applications. 1 oz jar
Spill Stop is a water based colloidal silica solution that must be mixed with calcium phosphate (bone ash) to the consistency of a thick paste. Spill Stop is used when there has been spitting of flux from the crucible, or minor spills onto the liner of the kiln. As previously mentioned, borax flux will attack the silica that the kiln liner is comprised of. Spill Stop will neutralize it. 1 oz jar
Note: All three products must be kept from freezing, or they will become unstable and unusable.
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