6/18/13: Caren.: 
Thank you I appreciate your efforts
I can't wait to try your product if its anything like your customer service I will be completely satisfied based on it alone I will rate your service 5 star. Thanks again
J W., UT


3/28/11: I wanted to let you know that this is probably one of the most innovative tools for smelting that I have come across since beginning noble metal prospecting. I began prospecting in Plumas County in 2009, and had learned from childhood, about different metals and minerals, per my grandfathers handed down collection. I was well aware of ores and blacksand concentrates before I began. I was about ten years old (1978) when I began researching the best possible methods. I have run into a few financial roadblocks in the past couple of years, and when I came across your microwave gold kiln, I was truly amazed by the simplicity as well as the affordability. Being eco-friendly, I was relieved to have found this. I am greatly in your debt for this.... Once again thank you for looking out for the prospector. 

Best regards.
From Robert Dragone


Michael Kalinowsky, a customer from VA, sent in this picture of his success. Thanks, Michael!


7/20/12: “To put it plain and simple, this product actually works.” D.E., GA


A customer from WA sent these pictures of his buttons :



10/2013: Here are the photos of the gold we melted using the microwave gold kiln. The bar was scrap and the button scrap and placer.  The gold bar was 46 plus grams and tested at 50 percent. The button was 18 plus grams and tested at 55 percent. Kenneth Parker, OR



2-18-14: Pretty slick for a small piece of equipment. He did his home work.  I have a big  propane twin burner that sounds very loud like a jet taking off. Just thought I would let you know !!

J.B., OH


9/29/14: Thank you for the crucible, and for shipping the bone ash so quickly! It is so encouraging to know there are still some innovative, customer focused, small companies left out there!

S.J.D., N.C.


10/11/14: You are Awesome.  Hopefully we will be ordering another 6 Crucibles from you. Good luck in your business venture. With the customer service you provide I see nothing but great success.

L.M., MN

(Full names, pictures  & remarks printed with permission)