GPK Company, LLC
Gold Processing Kilns
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GPK Company, LLC - Product Index
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(4) 30 gram '1 shot' Clay Crucibles
18" Scissor Crucible Tongs
8" Crucible Tongs
Anhydrous Borax Tetraborate Na2B4O7 2 lb
Assay Soda Ash (Na2CO3), Sodium Carbonate 2 lb
Bone Ash 1/2 lb
Book: A Practical Guide to Modern Alchemy - The Art of the Microwave Fire Assay
Cast Iron Lizard Tail Hook 10 pack
Chapmans Refining Flux 2 lb
Clay Graphite Salamander Crucible A0.5
Deluxe Kwik KilnŽ Melting Kit
Deluxe Pro Kwik KilnŽ Melting Kit
GPK Deluxe Hybrid Kwik KilnŽ Kit
GPK Deluxe KK-12 (Kwik KilnŽ 12") Propane Fired Furnace Kit (COPY)
GPK Deluxe KK-8 (Kwik KilnŽ 8") Kit
GPK KK-12 (Kwik KilnŽ 12") Propane Fired Furnace Kit
GPK KK-6 (Kwik KilnŽ 6") Cupelling Kit
GPK KK-6 (Kwik KilnŽ 6") Deluxe Kit
GPK Premium Gold Flux (black) 1 lb
GPK Premium Gold Flux (black) 10 lb
GPK Premium Gold Flux (black) 2 lb
Graphite 2 oz gold bar mold
Graphite Single Depression Conical Mold
Liner Restore
Manganese Dioxide MnO2 2 lb
Melting Flux (white) 2 lb
Melting Flux (white) 1 lb
Melting Flux (white) 10 lbs
MotherSucker Discharge Valve
MotherSucker Intake Valve Repair Kit
MotherSucker Prospector Hand Dredge without Bucket Sleeve
MotherSucker Replacement Seal
NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles 1 pair
NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles 6 pack
Starter Kwik KilnŽ Melting Kit
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