GPK Company, LLC
Gold Processing Kilns
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GPK Company, LLC - Product Index
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# 12 Mabor Cupels set of 4
(2) Bernzomatic TS4000T Trigger Start Torch Heads
(4) 30 gram '1 shot' Clay Crucibles
1" Hollow Kiln Layer
1" Solid Kiln Layer
18" Scissor Crucible Tongs
2" Hollow Kiln Layer
8" Crucible Tongs
8" square Kiln Shelf
Anhydrous Borax Tetraborate Na2B4O7 2 lb
Assay Soda Ash (Na2CO3), Sodium Carbonate 2 lb
Black Scorpion II Fine Gold Recovery Table
Bone Ash 1/2 lb
Book: A Practical Guide to Modern Alchemy - The Art of the Microwave Fire Assay
Cast Iron Lizard Tail Hook 10 pack
Chapmans Refining Flux 2 lb
Clay Graphite Salamander Crucible A0.5
Clay Graphite Salamander Crucible A2
Clay Graphite Salamander Crucible A5
Crucible Stand
Deluxe KK-12 (Kwik KilnŽ 12") Propane Furnace Kit
Deluxe KK-6 (Kwik KilnŽ 6") Propane Furnace Kit
Deluxe KK-8 (Kwik KilnŽ 8") Propane Furnace Kit
GPK Deluxe Kwik KilnŽ II Melting Kit
GPK Deluxe Kwik KilnŽ II Melting Kit with 2 Mag-Torches
GPK Premium Gold Flux (black) 1 lb
GPK Premium Gold Flux (black) 10 lb
GPK Premium Gold Flux (black) 2 lb
Graphite 2 oz gold bar mold
Graphite Single Depression Conical Mold
Graphite Two Depression Conical Mold
KK-12 (Kwik KilnŽ 12") Propane Furnace Kit
KK-6 (Kwik KilnŽ 6") Propane Fired Cupelling Kit
KK-8 (Kwik KilnŽ 8") Propane Furnace Kit
Liner Maintenance Kit
Liner Maintenance Kit small
Mag-Torches pencil tip torches Pair (2)
Manganese Dioxide MnO2 2 lb
Melting Flux (white) 2 lb
Melting Flux (white) 1 lb
Melting Flux (white) 10 lbs
MotherSucker Discharge Valve
MotherSucker Intake Valve Repair Kit
MotherSucker Prospector Hand Dredge
MotherSucker Prospector Hand Dredge without Bucket Sleeve
MotherSucker Replacement Seal
NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles 1 pair
NAC-500 Graphite Mini Crucibles 6 pack
Olympic Analog Pyrometer
Premium Bone Ash Cupels (4)
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